Monday, June 20, 2011

Emma Sandys - Study of a Head 1877


  1. Hello! I really like your blog, and all your paintings. I have a tumblr, with so much paintings too. If you care ( Goodbye :)

  2. Hi jardinsproibidos!
    I have a Tumblr too and already follow you since a long time : )
    I'm glad you discover and enjoy my Art Blog on Blogger.

  3. It is amazing! Can you give me your tumblr url? I saw your blog in one of the pictures on my tumblr. Goodbye and good night :)

  4. Of course jardinsproibidos: on Tumblr, I'm Alabaster and you already following me : )
    But, you know, this is not a very interesting blog, just some pics that, may be, I will post sometimes on one of my blogs.